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Life Legacy Co-Creator.

Ali Fowler is an author of 3 books and a mentor to people who want to start thinking about, creating (and living) their life legacy and believe the best of their lives is yet to come.

She will challenge you to answer this important question -
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Ali will get inside your head to get moving on that thing you have been wanting to start or that thing you have started and haven't finished yet - her daily intention to live by is Start That Thing Finish That Thing. Get the book

A Look A Life Legacy.

Make your corner of the world good. Live your legacy, don't just leave one.

We rarely think about our life legacy until we are sitting at someone's funeral.

Have you ever had that experience at a funeral where a friend of the deceased gets up to talk about their most loved memories of their friend and that person’s family is surprised to hear all about the impact their loved one has had on others and they were completely unaware?

For most of us, our thoughts about legacy have not been something we have been consciously talking about in school, even growing up or in our workplaces. But it’s something we might ponder when we are in a quiet space or on holidays or at rest, when the day to day is far away and we forget about our current reality and think about what we thought our lives would be, the dreams we have had and things that are really important to us. We might be jolted to think about it if we experience a sudden life event of illness, the death of a loved one or something that all of sudden brings unexpected change into our lives.

And whilst some of us are have not yet engaged with the concept of legacy or perhaps don’t feel like it’s important to us right now, perhaps we’ll think about when we are older.

I invite you to make the shift from thinking about your legacy later to thinking about it now.

Here are some thought starters ...

1. Your legacy could be about how you paid it forward or in fact, gave it back with gratitude on all that you had received in your lifetime.

2. Your legacy could be about creating something of wealth and leaving a financial inheritance for future generations, along with the wisdom that you have over your lifetime.

3. Your legacy could be about doing something in this lifetime, that will make it easier for future generations, solving an issue, campaigning for a cause.

4. Your legacy could be about living responsibly and doing your bit to look after our planet and leave your corner in good shape.

5. Your legacy could be to inspire others, people you may never get to meet face to face, but putting your mark out into the world, whether that be by music, art, words, speech, video and sharing what you know.

6. Your legacy could be living the most authentic life that you can and being a role model for those around you.

7. Your legacy could be celebrating your uniqueness and your diversity and being a pillar of acceptance and tolerance of everyone.

8. Your legacy could be about giving a voice to your DNA – those gifts and talents you have - you know the ones that you aren't using right now? Music, arts, speech, words, building, creating skills. Consider these may be your soul's purpose.

9. Your legacy could be your total life’s work or it may be just one thing you did in your lifetime.

10. Your legacy could be having been a good parent and raising healthy and happy children in a loving environment.

11. Your legacy has nothing to with your age, wealth, experience or scale.

12. Your legacy could be played as a comparison game with others, or it could be your own inner journeys to find your unique path and contribution.

13. A legacy project can be local or global, personal or business.

14. Your legacy could start at a young age or kick in later in life. It will never be too late to start living a life of purpose and contribution.

15. Your legacy could be individual or it may be part of collective – communities, projects and businesses create legacies too.

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They Say

Cindy Mitchell

Director, AquaDash, Melb, AUS

" Ali Fowler is the ‘Marie Kondo’ of the project world.

Her simple, common-sense approach gives you the easiest steps to take and gets you out of overwhelm into calm in no time."

Kimberley Dixon

Leadership Coach, Los Angeles, USA

"Ali provides the balance that the creative visionary needs.
She takes your vision, even if it’s expressed through jumbled words and drawings, and creates a well-organized project to execute. Ali is strategic and remains focused on the why, the what, and the how.

Ali knows how to give your legacy project legs to stand on.."

Emily Blades

Co-owner & publican, The Victoria Hotel, Woodend, AUS

"As a small business owner since COVID-19 was introduced to our world, I have had so many mixed emotions – fear, freezing and feeling like every decision will be wrong, worrying about everything and potentially losing everything and just a general feeling of being overwhelmed.

During this time, Ali called me for a chat and helped me refocus and get through the fog!

Ali has come up with a great mentoring program – it’s practical, targeted and super helpful."

Sam Beard

Founder / President - Connect Universe.Org & GIFT Global, Delaware, USA

" Ali will take your ideas and turn you and your enterprise into the success you dream of. Her skills include executive planning and coaching, a design genius and a technological whiz. Ali Fowler is 'take charge' and amazing ... she will transform your big idea into the new reality..."

Kate Heine

Founder & Co-Managing Director, Heads Together for ABI

" Alison has been more than a coach and mentor over the past four years, she has been a total game-changer.

For me personally, and for my organisation Heads Together, Alison is one of the most incredible listeners I’ve ever met, and she always manages to challenge in you in a way that feels right for you and your team.

Her coaching, centred around finding clarity of purpose, organisational concepts and people management, has been invaluable, and has deeply influenced our entire organisation, from board level all the way through to managing volunteers and stakeholders.

Alison is an integral part of our team and anyone in the commercial or non-profit sector would be crazy not to get her on board, she’s just that good!"