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My intention everyday is to hug humanity, live lucky and be something good in this world

​I AM...

  • ​Dream-Driven
  • ​Co-creator
  • Projecteur
  • Freedom Seeker
  • Entrepreneur’s Project Manager
  • Rose Gardener
  • Good Friend
  • ​Epic Listener
  • Woman Who Is Not Done Yet
  • ​Indie Magazine Publisher
  • Sometimes Planner
  • ​Friendly Expert
  • ​Elephant Ambassador
Permission Granted To Be Yourself




The Unlimited Beautiful Questions (UBQ) podcast is a passion project with my co-host Silver Wainhouse. 

UBQ  is here for the people who dare to question and welcome the answers,  where they speak with remarkable people who are living their dream lives and projects and who believe in the power of asking a good question. Tune in and hear what is working for them and what may possible work for you in your personal life, business, and legacy. Because after all, good questions bring good answers.
We also wrote a book with over 300 questions - a great resource for every coach around the globe and individuals as well.


Project Services

"I love your projects more than you do" - just saying.

I help small business owners get their projects done, simply and easily, do they can play their bigger game. If you want help with your most important project in life or business, talk to me about personal project management.  


Personal Mentoring For Dream Driven Women On A Mission

Want to create something good, but just not sure how? Is it a book, a special side project, a career change perhaps?
1:1 personal mentoring available. Places are strictly limited



I founded an indie magazine publishing business in April 2019 and this has become a chance for me to work with clients globally in all walks of life and business. I help business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to invigorate their brand through having their own digital or print magazineand get their something good out into the world. You can check us out at SomethingGoodMagazines.Com
You can also view my Magazine Cafe


If your issue is you need help 'STARTING', start at the start.

If your biggest issue is 'FINISHING', flip this book over and start at the end (see what I did there!).

I'll meet you at either end or in the middle, whereever you choose.

Let's go START THAT THING you've been talking about or FINISH THAT THING you've been working on.

Once it's done, it's done!
Give it to yourself or give it a friend who you just know is either a 'starter or a finisher' - but not both...yet. Ali Fowler

This book is dedicated to anyone who things planning is overrated.
I hope this book helps you find an approach that is right for you and accelerates you towards your goals with a little less doubt and a little more confidence in how perfectly things will unfold for you.

For people who have yet to find a planning approach they love and that's right for them. Ali Fowler

You're unlimited. You're beautiful. You know that right?

And because you dare to question, you welcome the answers! Right?

Hmm...maybe not all the answers 🙂

Asking a question is a time honored tradition, it's not new. It's not revolutionary. But it is powerful. Any powerfully simple. And as found out in the writing of this book and our podcast by the same name, there is no limit to the number of questions that exist for us to ask ourselves.

This is a chance for self-reflection and a chance to re-remember who you are. Co-Authors - Ali Fowler & Silver Wainhouse