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Ali Fowler

Living something  good & giving back.

Ali is a multi-passionate business owner, author of 3 books and an energetic co-creator with others. She has worked in 8 countries running 100s of projects in live entertainment, education, sport and business .

An explorer by nature, a teacher and a creative, Ali is a social change agent for good and now mentors entrepreneurs to get ‘their something good’ out of their heads and out into the world.

Ali is an Australian resident, avid rose gardener and weekend busy converting her property towards net-zero.

Ali Fowler is a champion for people who want to start something wonderful in their life and create a positive impact. Her clients call her their 'thought organizer'. Read full profile

Ali will get inside your head to get moving on that thing you have been wanting to start or that thing you have started and haven't finished yet - her daily intention to live by is 'Start That Thing Finish That Thing.' She loves it so much, she wrote a book about it! Check out this book

Partnering with B1G1, the global giving movement (sometimes referred to as the 'Amazon of Kindness' even though it has nothing to do with Amazon! ), Ali is incorporating 'giving impacts' into all that she does and has started The Something Good Project. Read more

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Love To Write.

As an author, I love writing concept books! Books that are easy to read that take an interesting concept out for a spin and provide a new perspective, some new thoughts and a chance to share some wisdom... hopefully!

My goal is to write simply and to inspire you to find one thing that you may be able to take and try out in your life, for your highest intention.

I hope you enjoy these books. They are all available at your favourite online book retailers in paperback and E-Book - Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Dymocks| Apple Books | Google Books |Booktopia | Book Depository | Books A Million and many more right here.

Or to my Australian readers, you can avoid the international supply chain delays and get free shipping - simply order your books direct from me on my Shop page. 

I'd love to hear from you and any suggestions on what to write about next!

You can download free chapters of each book below, find out more or just jump in and buy now for you or a friend. 

Happy reading!

By Ali Fowler

Start That Thing

Finish That Thing

**It's 2 books in one!** Start at either end of the book depending on whether your issue is starting or finishing things!

This book is part pushy, part motivation and part have a laugh at yourself. You will find yourself somewhere in this book - that's guaranteed.

In this book, there's 100 reasons to inspire you to start that thing you've been talking about for ages or finish that thing you've been working on and get it over the line.

It's a short, fun book. Makes an ideal gift for that person in your life who keep talking about what they are going to do, but never gets around to it and needs a friendly push. Or is that you?


Unlimited beautiful Questions For Life, Love & Humanity 

This book is a little sassy! Don't put her on the shelf. She belongs on the stage!

300+ questions across 18 life categories.

Ask yourself one question a day and re-remember who you are.

This is a must-have book for every coach.

By Ali Fowler 

The Deliberately Simple Planning Book

This book is a simple structural pick-me-up for all those thoughts swimming around in your head.

There's 10 planning approaches you can try today plus my own bespoke 'thought organising' tool - NOW SOON LATER.

I encourage you that if the plan you are have right now is not working for you, then it's time to switch it up.

This book is here to help you find a planning approach that is right for you.