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Is a print or digital magazine right for you or your business?

Latest Magazines From The Something Good Team

Welcome to the new Be Intent magazine from Founder & CEO – Suzanne Hall. Be Intent is an app that helps you get the most from your day. Follow Suzanne and her team at beintent.com

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Welcome to Something Good magazine. We’re here to bring your stories that will uplift you and inspire you to be your something good in the world. Join us here. Support us and subscribe free at somethinggoodmagazine.org.

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Ali Fowler is the Project Queen.  If you are a business owner on a mission to make an impact, the magazines, books, coaching and project training with Ali Fowler will be one of the ‘Go To’ places to get organized, get going and get the breakthroughs. Check out alifowler.org/services

** Over 750+ views **

Ali Fowler is the ‘Marie Kondo’ of the project world. Her simple, common sense approach gives you the easiest steps to take and gets you out of overwhelm into calm in no time.

Ali is a rare bird ( a peacock or eagle comes to mind) and unique talent. All the adjectives apply. She’ll take your ideas and turn you and your enterprise into the success you dream of. Her skills include executive planning and coaching. A design genius and a technological whiz. Ali Fowler is take charge and amazing. As an Executive Coach, in an instant, she will transform your BIG IDEA into the new reality.

SAM BEARDSam Beard, Founder & President, GIFT Global, Delaware, USA

I worked with Ali to come up with a plan of attack for an incredibly busy time of our business and wondering how we were going to get it all done without ruining our health and wellbeing at the same time. Her simple, structured, logical and common sense approach, gave me the confidence and clarity to move ahead confidently and to be able to lead my company through what seemed like an insurmountable period. Getting it out of my head made all the difference and into a plan I wanted to follow, was invaluable.

Ali provides the balance that the creative visionary needs. She takes your vision, even if it’s expressed through jumbled words and drawings and creates a well-organized project to execute. Ali is strategic and remains focused on the why, the what, and the how. Ali knows how to give your legacy project legs to stand on.

KIM DIXONKim Dixon - Leadership Coach, KimberlyConsult, Los Angeles, USA

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