In Service of Something Good

I am most passionate about working with dream driven women, purpose-rich business owners, creative thinkers and community leaders on a mission to change their world and together we co-create projects and outcomes that only come from like-minded hearts and minds getting together.

In November 2018 I listened to my fav musician - Bruce Springsteen in his concert residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City - ‘Springsteen On Broadway’ and I already knew he was an epic storyteller, but this show was truly amazing. It has become one of my go-to programs to listen to again and again when I am driving on a long open road. I could probably recite it word for word by now. There’s one point in his story where Bruce talks about the folks in his hometown and refers to their life's purpose as ‘in service of something good’. I love this phrase so much, that I have adopted it as my own.

This year signals a reinvention of my Something Good Magazine to be published globally. This magazine features stories of people doing their something good in the world and how our life legacy is never about how much money we leave behind, but who we choose to be and what we do in this precious lifetime. Our first SGM magazine received over 1.6 million views so I know we are onto something good. This magazine is not just about what people are doing, but how they are doing it, so we can all share in the wisdom and be inspired.

Those Pivotal Moments
I’ll Re-remember This Year

On Dec 2, 2014, during a traumatic time in my life. I found myself on the floor of my lounge room crying uncontrollably as I could not see a way forward and felt so far away from where I always dreamed my life would be. Career, finances, social life, all in tatters. It wasn’t so much a black cloud that hung over me, but rather an emptiness and despondency that caught me that day and stopped me in my tracks. I distinctly remember that feeling of not being able to get up off the floor - it was as if I had no physical body to get me moving. I could only lie there. I was tired, exhausted and sad and had nothing left in the tank. I gave up the fight I was having with myself, not because I had a some type of revelation, but because there was nothing else I could do. I surrendered to all that was in the moment.

I grabbed a pen and paper and asked myself this one question - if I can pull myself out of this, what would I truly want to do with my life and what was truly my purpose?

And this is what I wrote

“In 10 years or sooner, I will have my own non-profit foundation to support and
fund projects that make a real difference around the globe.
This will be my life legacy”

I am 6 years into my 10-year goal at the time of writing and everything I have done and about to do is leading me closer to that goal everyday.

Giving Back & Pushing Forward

My life values and philosophy have always been about two things - giving back and pushing forward no matter what. These two pillars have served me well and allowed me the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful people and organisations over the past 20 years.  I am truly grateful for the wisdom, friendship and tenacity they have shared with me and for everything they have taught me.

I kicked off 2021 with a give back project by organising/producing a benefit concert for Entertainment Assist on Sat 2, 2021, headlined by the amazing Josh Piterman. Josh is the most recent actor to play The Phantom in The Phantom Of The Opera in the Brilliant Original production at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End. The team behind this event was amazing and all were passionate about this wonderful cause.

Entertainment Assist is the leading Australian organisation providing mental health and wellbeing support to all members of the Australian Entertainment Industry and now it is more than ever we need to support the recovery and rebuild of this most important industry post-COVID.

Josh Piterman sang to a standing ovation along with his fellow artists - John Foreman OAM, Lisa Edwards and Bobby Fox (star of Jersey Boys) and vital funds were raised to continue the important work of Entertainment Assist.

Previously, I was involved in major live entertainment in Australia and overseas and felt this event, brought me back to my roots and the joy in producing live entertainment. I hope to be doing more of this in 2021 alongside the amazing heart-centred individuals, businesses and organisations we assembled on and off stage for this insanely well-timed and enjoyable event!

My Gap Year at 50

Turning 50 a few years ago, signalled a big moment in my life. I didn’t feel like 50 - in fact I was too young to be 50! I felt like I was in my early 40’s and just wondering where that decade just went. I decided to gift myself a year off and take a gap year #nevertooold.

I travelled, explored, researched, wrote, learned and re-discovered myself again. I made an important decision during that year and that was to ‘make no decisions’ about my next step or what the future meant for me but to just stay present and enjoy life and have fun.

During this time, I came to understand the eclectic bunch of people we are at 50+ - some of us are speeding up, some of us are slowing down, some are switching it up and some are dealing with significant life changes, marriages ending, health challenges, underemployment just to name a few. In my experience, there is work to be done, to assist people over 50 to make the adjustments to their new lives to ensure we have equal enthusiasm for life for the next chapter of our lives, equal if not better than the first 50 years!

I’ve ended up mentoring a number of women 40+ who found themselves at a similar point to me and have been truly inspired about the new pathways these women are taking and how well we are supporting each other to design the lives, the families, the businesses and careers we have always wanted to have. There are simply no rules anymore - anything is possible.

2021 signals the next step for me in taking this further with a book and podcast before the year is out.

Projects with Purpose

I love the thrill of starting something new, finishing it and sitting back on the deck with a cocktail in hand, revelling in the successful outcomes. There’s nothing wrong with that pic, is there?

So after leading, managing and supporting 100s of projects in live entertainment, business, retail and education, across multiple countries, I have collected some insights along the way from experience and from my amazing mentors, that I would like to share so I can help others become project gurus in their lives and businesses.

My dream is to set up an online project school for people who want to make an impact and that’s a daunting but exciting project for me, and many have said to me, "Well...Ali, it’s about time!". I'm calling it 'Projects On The Run For Busy Entrepreneurs'.

So I have compiled all the questions and issues my clients have asked me about and started a short book series to ask and answer those questions in a simple to explain format. One thing I know for sure is that projects rarely go in a straight line, so we need to stop planning for them to be just like that.

“What was once a specialist domain, project management is now a skill of choice, or in fact a ‘skill of demand’ in the workforce today”

I deliver project management training, without all the boring bits I promise!

We all have projects so we may as well get really good at them.

‘Projects On The Run (project school)’ will be co-create of work with many of the amazing entrepreneurs and businesses I have had the pleasure to get to know and worked alongside over the past 20 years. After all, projects are a team event.

“Your purpose plus the right project can change lives”

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurship

I’d like to thank Marie Forleo for this expression - this fits me to a tee. I have many passions for my business life and I am unapologetically pursuing them all - maybe not just all at the same time! I can apply a to all of these now and there’s more to come. I’m not done yet!

  • I’ve always wanted to be an author and will publish 3 books this year
  • I’ve always loved advertising and magazines and will be expanding my magazine business with my own global magazine
  • I’ve always loved taking on projects that have a start and a finish. I will continue consulting on projects that are going to make a difference
  • I’ve always loved mentoring / teaching / coaching others. This remains a passion for me and will expand my offer to reach more people who need what I do
  • I’ve always loved to travel (for work and personal). Finding a way around COVID will be tricky, but I will find a way
  • I’ve always loved producing major events. Can't wait to do more of them
  • I’ve always loved to be involved in non-profits and will have my own foundation one day soon
  • I love a side project. I like seeing where it can take me.

Hearts & Minds

As I fall forward into 2021, I continue to embrace the power of possibility, the importance and value of daydreaming and meditation, living an intentional life and committing to living my legacy, not just leaving one. This means I am playing a much bigger game now and it can be wee in my pants exciting.

My word for 2021 is ‘trust’ and my intention is to continue to keep my heart and head in the same place and trust what unfolds for me. 2021 is going to be epic.

If any of this resonates with you, I would love to connect and share our stories. Please reach out to me at:

Let’s see what may be on our mutual horizons, mutual minds, mutual hearts and how our paths may meet.

With much gratitude for life and you.