- C.D Jackson

Join my mentoring program for 'women 40+ who aren't done yet' and let's get that landing gear in place for your brilliant idea, goal or business. 

Mentoring with Ali Fowler

For most of us, we either have a problem starting the thing we have been talking about or finishing that thing we've been working on.

What's your biggest challenge - starting that thing or finishing that thing?

For some of us, it's both - starting and finishing 😔. Good to be us ... no-one said. But it doesn't have to be that way - help and accountability is here.

When busy heart centered entrepreneurs want to run fast, be creative and come up with big ideas, I'm here to help put the foundational architecture in place to help bring their ideas into reality, without slowing them down and to get them to the start line and then over the finish line.

The brilliant artist, Claude Monet said "I waited for the idea to consolidate, for the grouping and composition of theme to settle themselves into my brain."

Starter or finisher?

What about this legend?

"We miss 100% shots we don't take." - Wayne Gretsky

Starter or finisher?

"It's our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task that more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome." - William James

or this goddess?

"Growing up I wasn't the richest, but I had a rich family in spirit. Standing here with 19 championships is something I never thought would happen. I went on a court just with a ball and a racquet and with a hope." - Serena Williams

Starter and finisher!

I invite you to take this time in this moment to reflect on what you have achieved so far and what is yet to be accomplished in your life and business pathways. Can you / will you do this without some accountability to keep you on track or without a sounding board to listen and not judge?

This mentoring program is hands-on, let’s make it happen time together - ideal for people who have a bunch of thoughts swimming around in their head and not sure what their next step should be and how they will get it done, 'over and above' their already busy lifestyles in business and/or with their families. 

As your mentor, I will help you bring all those random thoughts together, break it down into simple rock-steady steps and take you from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

Includes 3 x 90 min sessions  (face to face or via Zoom) plus unlimited email and phone support in between so I can support you and ensure you keep moving forward.

It’s all about getting your heart and your head in the same place - we need both!

One Time Payment - $997 + GST. 

Places strictly limited.

What Is A Mentor? 

  • Someone who advises but doesn’t fix
  • Someone who provides support and accountability, empathises but doesn’t overprotect
  • Someone who identifies gaps in understanding, strategy or skills & facilitates better learning & discovery
  • Someone who provides guidance, not judgement 
  • Someone who is a confidential sounding board


- Silver Wainhouse (my mentor)


Women 40+ find my mentoring program most beneficial if they fit one or more of these criteria: 

  • They find themselves needing to deliver a business project or wanting to pursue a passion project in a set timeframe and want to set up for success, have support and ensure they get the results they are looking for.
  • They find themselves facing a significant change in their life and not sure which path to take and need some practical support in organising their thoughts into an approach that is right for them.
  • They find themselves wanting to do something big, co-create something, fulfil a lifelong goal or start building their legacy. This comes from their inner voice getting too loud now to ignore.


"Your mind has already imagined a place in the future, a place where the things that you want to get done are done, and you are celebrating your success and the success of everyone involved who helped you get it there.

And it feels free, it feels empowering and to be honest, it feels super awesome that you did what you said you were going to do. And that it made a difference.

And this might just mean that you have;

  • Created the adventure of your lifetime
  • Experienced the thrill of doing something new
  • Produced something physical, a book, a new product, a new service 
  • Created more wealth, more income and more abundance 
  • Got out of your way and made a change you have wanted for some time
  • Improved your relationships
  • Helped a community become stronger
  • Found a way out of the rut you were in, got yourself off the couch, gave up procrastinating and somehow, someway you did it! 

You might have even surprised yourself (and others) in the process. Or maybe, just maybe, they are telling you they always knew you could do it.

It means that you find yourself now in a place where you are happy and satisfied, because the things you wanted to make happen have happened. You gave it your best shot, and ‘shazam’ - it worked.

Even if it didn’t work the first time, you kept going and tried again until it did work.

And maybe it means that you get the buzz of sharing your efforts and accomplishments not just with the people closest to you but to a much broader audience, your community, your new and future customers and your tribe. 

It might mean that by simply starting something and finishing it, you get to serve and help others in a way that you couldn’t do before.  You are a ‘starter’ and a ‘finisher.’  And you did it ‘over and above’ everything else you had going on. Go you good thing.

It might mean that by acting locally in your life, the impact and reach you now have has gone way beyond that; it's stretching far beyond your current life and the environment around you, and that feels good. It makes you smile.

You may not know it yet, but just now, somewhere in the world, your 'finished thing' just had a very positive impact on someone else’s life. That thing you have tried before to do and maybe failed or never finished, but you found a way, and you did finish it after all.

It might mean that the thing you were perhaps just about to give up on and tell yourself you can’t do it because - you are not clever enough, old enough, young enough, experienced enough, pretty enough, unique enough, lovable enough, rich enough, fit enough, committed enough or social enough to do it has just manifested itself in ways you could not have even imagined. 

Your mind is showing you now that somehow, someway, you got beyond those things that you once believed about yourself or someone told you about yourself, and you cracked the code and tried different ways of doing things, and it worked. 

And now you get to make a difference – a real difference in your life, or your business or the lives of others – helping people you may never meet face to face and some you probably know very well.

And you’ve discovered that when you follow your intuition, your daydreams and your basic instincts, you can make stuff happen.

Congratulations on getting that something started, done and over the finish line.

You are an epic finisher!

All you had to do was to find one good reason to finish that thing.

And you did!

You did something good."

Ali x

"Legacy is life's great joint venture (JV).
Where Joy meets Value.
What will be your life legacy be?"

- Ali Fowler