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The Something Good Project is a global feel good initiative to promote one simple message – ‘be something good in your world’.

We are co-creating stories of everyday people across the globe who are doing their own something good to inspire and remind us that the world we live in, is up to us. With your help and support, we want to make this magazine into a movement, one person’s story at a time.

We do this through the power and engagement of our own digital magazine – Something Good on Yumpu.

Our supporters and upcoming stories span Aust, New Zealand, Italy, USA, Philippines, France, UK and Singapore so far and the commitment is made to not just write stories, but to film them as well and include the video and interviews in our magazine, showcasing them all right here for you.

Over 1.6 million+ views so far.  Help us continue to get this message out there. The world is responding!

You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time, but we would love you to stay :).

Thanks for being part of the global SG family.

With gratitude and goodness

Ali Fowler
Creator – Something Good

If you would like to partner with us at Something Good, we’d love to chat. Reach out at [email protected]

We are funding our SG enterprise, through co-creating magazines for business, individuals and organisations and helping them get their Something Good out into the world as well.

You can see our work and find out how you can get your own magazine by visiting us at SomethingGoodMagazines.Com

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