That Thing


That Thing

This is a powerful daily intention. 

About The Book ...

Start That Thing Finish That Thing is more than a book. It is a powerful daily intention to live by.

“Let’s just imagine for a moment, everything

you started you finished”

In this book, I give you 50 reasons why you should start or finish that thing. These reasons are the ones I use to motivate myself and the ones that my friends and colleagues shared with me along the way. Grab this book and highlight at least 5 reasons that will motivate you to start or finish those things you so want.

Sometimes we just need a little push!

Oh ... and please give this book to that friend of yours who needs a little push too!

Ali Fowler

5 Reasons
To Start
That Thing ...

#1 - So you are not that boring person at the family party / BBQ that keeps talking about what they are going to do but never does it!

We have all been stuck next to that cousin, sister, brother, niece, nephew, friend, work colleague that you ask ‘how’s that book going?’ or ‘how’s that thing going you mentioned last time we met?' and they are still talking about it, but still haven’t started it.

C’mon people, just do it!

#2 - Because you know you want to!

You know you. You know the way you feel about things and there are just some things that excited the hell out of you. You know it will be good for you to do it. You know what makes you happy. So get happy and start it!

#3 - Because you are running out of time!

Hmmm ... yikes. Don’t leave it too know what I’m talking about. There may be a time coming up where the choice is taken away from you, for whatever reason, and you won’t be able to start that thing you have always wanted to do and then it’s lost.

Don’t die with the music still in you.” - Wayne Dyer

#4 - Because it’s your life, your legacy building!

You want to do something for future generations. What you do in this life will be part of your life legacy.

Start to live your legacy, don’t just leave one.” Ali Fowler

#5 - Because it’s been on the back burner for so long, it’s starting to really annoy you!

Are you giving yourself the sh**ts by not doing something?
You've talked about it for years and yeah ... life happens I get it. We put things off until that ‘one day I’ll do that’ and there is always something that gets up the priority list first.So what if today you woke up and decided your ‘one day is here’ and you just started? What's the worse thing that could happen .... ? Nothing.

5 Reasons
That Thing ...

#1 - So you don’t stay awake at night with the thoughts about that thing on a constant loop in your head

That’s so annoying isn’t it?  You finally get to go to bed only to lie awake thinking about all the things you still have to finish

#2 - To create some spare brain space for other things

Ahh … the relief of being able to think about different things now! You're getting bored with the same thoughts swimming around in your head. Time for some new ones!

#3 - Because you get paid for what you finish, not what you start

Yeah ...we only get paid for what we finish, not something that is only half-finished. Did you want to get paid for that idea?

#4 - To reward yourself - because you are worth it.

Yes you are! Your efforts are seen and should be rewarded

#5 - Because ‘being a finisher’ is a great life skill and the more you practice it, the better you get

Finishing things is a practise that will serve you well in all areas of your life. Say it out aloud today 20 times -  "I AM A FINISHER!"