For Life, Love & Humanity

about the book

Unlimited Beautiful Questions is a friend. A friend who asks you the tough questions and loves you regardless of the answers. This book is a delicious way to have a conversation with yourself and others that will nudge you forward and hug the humanity in us all.

Go on the Unlimited Beautiful Questions journey with us, asking one question a day as part of your daily ritual and allow yourself to self-appreciate, self-discover and ultimately find within a deep self-love for who you really are, what you could be and what you stand for.

Some questions will challenge, others will comfort, and some will—well, go on, just see for yourself!

This book is our ray of sunshine in a cloudy world. We hope it is yours too.

18 Categories of Questions For Life, Love & Humanity

In this book, we start with one question and end with one question.


Asking questions is not new. It is part of all cultures, and seeking answers is how we grow. Asking questions is powerful. Today, we find ourselves questioning many things we use to take for granted. Where can I go?
Who can I be with safely? Who will protect me? Who do I love? What do I stand for?

 Have you ever had these thoughts?

  • I don’t know who I am anymore.
  • I have lost that livin’ feeling.
  • I thought my life would be different. I thought I would be different.
  • Everyone is way more interesting than me.

Which of these has played in your head? These questions are here to help you re-remember and connect to who you really are. This book leads you on a journey and a conversation we need to have with ourselves. By taking this journey, we can meet the self that has been covered, hidden, ignored, and not acknowledged. At the journey’s end, we stand straighter as our true selves.

Take a moment and open this book to any page you like. Ask yourself the question you see in front of you.

“There will be a divine reason why that page chose you, and only you will know what that reason is. Only you need to know and can know the answer.”

about the authors

In this book, co-authors Ali Fowler & Silver Wainhouse share their 2020 year which created this book as a way
 of keeping in touch and being there for each other

We are two women, Ali and Silver.
We TRULY are sisters from another mister.

We live 17,000 kilometres apart, on opposite sides of the world, having only met once in person back in 2016 for a brief moment.But that one moment, a soul connection was realised. An unlikely alignment we neither sought nor anticipated grew beautifully, like a lotus flower.

But as Thich Nhat Hanh says in The Art of Living, a lotus flower grows in the mud.

This book was born out of the mud of 2020.


For Life, Love & Humanity