Language : English.     Publication Date : 31/08/2021.      Format : Softcover & Ebook.        

ISBN : 9781504324991 | 9781982290009       

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About The Book

Warning! This is a deliberately simple planning book.

If you like your plans simple, then you are in the right place.
If you like your plans complicated (boo!) well ... you are still welcome here too!

Readers of this book value super simple – one page simple.

Who is it for?
• Avid planners, sometimes planners and non-planners!
• People who excuse for failing is not having a plan
• People who believe their plans never work out
• People who think they don't have time to plan
• People who think planning is overrated!

This book is here to simplify the whole planning thing and help you find an approach that will work for you.

It all starts with an idea, issue or goal.

Master the art of one-page plans and give yourself a structural pick-me-up for all those thoughts swimming around in your head.

There's no software required - just you , paper and something to write with.

If you are struggling with any of these issues, then this book is for you.
• Have a super busy day or week ahead
• Need to find more time in your week
• Need to focus on the most important things
• Want to get better at prioritising
• Have too many ideas in your head
• Starting something new and not sure how
• Want to get a longer-term view of what's coming ahead
• Want to get out of overwhelm and into overjoyed!

So let's be intentional about the plans we make. #simpleplanswork

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About The Author

Ali Fowler is an open-road explorer, wanting to let life unfold as she goes. Ali has led, managed, and delivered hundreds of projects, working in multiple countries and her clients describe her as their ‘thought organiser’. On the greatest of days, Ali Fowler is celebrating the finish line on another fantastic project working with amazing people with amazing visions for a better world and seeing the impact change lives.

Ali has had plenty of plans that worked and many that didn’t, with the ‘face plants’, disappointments and stubbed toes to show for it, as she headed full steam into rocks on her path. Still, all the time, she managed to find a way to keep connected to her dreams and keep going. Read Ali's Bio