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Plan good. Feel good.

About The Book

Warning! This is a deliberately simple planning book.

If you like your plans simple, then you are in the right place.

If you like your plans complicated (boo!)...well...you are still welcome here too!

Readers of this book value super simple - on one page simple.

We are huge fans of the one-page plans.

In fact, the basis for this book is our One Page Rule

“If your plan is more than one page, then it’s too complicated” 

– Ali Fowler

This book is here to simplify the whole planning thing and to help you find what will work for you.

My plan for you with this book is to create something that is useful, simple to read and provides some actionable information you can go and try today. We talk about the most common planning challenge you may be facing right now and offer up 10 simple planning templates. No software required. Just you, paper and something to write with.

Too often we make our plans too complicated. The more complicated, the less likely we are to follow them. If we are less likely to follow them, then we are more likely to give up or ignore them and just wing it anyway, negating the effort gone into the planning in the first place.

If we make our plans easy to create, follow and update, then we are more likely to use them and embrace them.


This book is for:

  • Planners and non-planners
  • People whose excuse for failing is not having a plan
  • People who believe their plans never work out
  • People who believe they don’t have time to plan

Full disclosure: I am a sometimes planner. I only do it when I know stuff is swimming around in my head and I need some peace of mind or if it is something super complicated, like a big project, that I need to work out how to do it.

I’ve worked alongside some people who seem to have no plan at all and end up being very successful somehow at what they are doing, whilst others who love to plan and do it all the time are strategic geniuses and also achieve considerable success.

So find a planning approach that works for you is the goal here.

Inside you will find:

10 Golden Rules of Simple Plans You Will Want To Follow

10 QS & As About Planning

10 Simple Planning Approaches To Try Out Today

PLUS Free download of all our planning templates


“The best plan for you is the one that makes you feel good.”

– Ali Fowler

About The Book...

“Ali has the amazing ability of making the complicated simple, like keep planning to one page is such common sense. In the approaches I personally found #7 SHOULD I START THIS was just for me which I then followed up with #3 GETTING MY PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. Just goes to prove you can pick up this book & start from anywhere  - loved it."

— Julie Revell, StyleNexus, Melb, AUST